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Random Rants

Zia Nuray
6 January
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Into the Society for Creative Anachronism, somewhat into RenFaires, can't sing worth a plug nickle but it don't stop me trying; i read voraciously, mostly SF&F and Pagan-themed tomes along with history, mythology, and how-to. Actually got out the sewing machine a couple of months ago to make some t-tunics for an SCA event--and suprised myself that i remembered how to use it. Make candles on a semi-regular basis: some for giveaway, some to sell, some to use. Witches use a lot of candles. (That's how i got started making them--i was going through so many it got cheaper to get the wax and wicks!)

If you've been watching, you already know that the candle-thingy has expanded into a website and several bazaars in the last year. Also some costume jewelry and soaps.

And a RenFaire or two.

NOW I'm wondering what I've gotten myself in for!

AND if that isn't enough, I went back to school to be a Massage Therapist when the factory closed. Graduated in June, 2008.

Now working as a "Vacation Planning Counselor" for Wyndham Vacation Ownership.

My WebPage: http://www.bethkinglmt.massagetherapy.com/index.html

LinkedIn profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/bethkinglmt

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