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Thinky-thoughts -- co-living

I saw this poseted on FB (from another community, and from another before that, likely).  Co-housing/commulnal living SOUNDS good, but there are certain to be some drawbacks as well.  I'm interested in feedback as to YOUR thoughts as to what those might be and how they might be handled.  For instance, one of the big deals is "Oh, more hands to share the work!"

BUT -- what if the person on the rota for doing dishes is sick?  What if the person who is supposed to do the yard work today has to work overtime at their paycheck job or go out of town for it?  Yes, there are other people to step up, but eventually resentment will build, especially if the same people are always stepping up or stepping out.

What if someone loses their source of income?  Or gets hit with huge medical bills?  Does the rest of the household shoulder their share until they are back on their financial feet?  Are they then responsible to pay back the shortfall over time or is it assumed that it will balance out eventually?  What if they can't find another job they can do, or it is months or years until a disability application is approved?  Keep in mind that in a co-housing situation in current-day USA, people may not (most likely won't) be eligible for income-based aid such as SNAP as the HOUSEHOLD income and savings is considered on that.

Is a couple treated as one entity for financial support of the household and two for chores, or some other allocation?

Is financial contribution based on projected expenses / number of people, or expenses / percenage of income for each individual?

If my kid gets into your stuff, how do we handle that?  If one kid is neurotypical and another is neurovariant, how are the expectations for civil behavior different?

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