A long, long time ago

I keep remembering certain little things from my teens — stuff other people may not even think about or remember, but little stuff I had a lot of fun with and now I miss.

K-Mart had "Lil' Gems" nail polish and cologne — the bottle had a square footprint, and two opposite corners were "sliced off" like facets.  

My absolute favorite red nail polish was one of these, and I've never found a satisfactory replacement.

The colognes had names (and scents) like "Fresh Mown Grass" and smelled like what they were called, and most actually smelled good!

Another thing was sets of 9 glass tubes (now I would call them sample vials) with a wand cap — they would be 9 different blends based on Musk, or on Woods, and you would blend a personal fragrance using a drop of this on your left wrist, a dab of that on your throat. It would be a little different every time.

Coty (brand) had a solid perfume compact with Amber, Sandalwood, and Patchouli. I used up the Sandalwood FAST!

Coty also had a cologne called Masumi.  I used a lot of that one year.


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