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OK, it's been awhile, been over on the book of faces quite a bit, been reading here and commenting (especially on rix_scaedu 's stories (lovelovelove Nai!)

Seems to be the season for car repairs -- Emie put over a grand into her Honda recently for needed repairs including tires and brakes (yeah, kind of important, huh?), I need to get my Taurus into the shop for an AC/defroster/heater checkup and take a look at oil pressure, several people have broken down in inconvenient palces recently and for more than a quick fix.....

akaemilyrose was able to do Faire this year (and Mother Emma now seems to be the midwife instead of the matchmaker).

I was not able to attend due to a minor medical issue involving an open wound that has not been healing, but with the addition of a wound-vac it's doing better.  I get scared that the tubing will catch on things, due to the location of the wound I can't sleep on my back or my left side, due to me being FAT I can't really sleep on my stomach...waah.  It's healing, that is the big thing.  A visiting nurse comes 2x week to change the dressing since I can't see/get at it.

Another reason Wyndham is a good place for me?  They had set me up with a home office a couple of years ago -- for their convenience more than mine, of course, but it really helps when I'm in this situation!  I do NOT think I would be physically able to do the hour-each-way drive, deal with the vac (or the wet-to-dry dressing changes) at work; it is annoying/tiring enough at home.  I know I would not deal well emotionally with it.

Gonna get a minimum amount of unrefined cocoa butter and shea butter and do a very few single-ingredient twist-up moisturizer sticks -- basically making for myself, but if someone else wants, they can pay what I've got in materials for it.
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