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Request for Reiki -- crossposted to FB

For anyone out there who does Reiki or other distance/energtic healing, I have a request: I could use some. Not only am I working on getting to a better weight for me, I have developed an open wound (think busted blister) on my left ankle and this is what I ask you direct your energy toward if you are so inclined. I am getting the proper medical care, but it is slow to heal (this is normal for the type of wound) and I'm kind of over the whole thing.

Additional deets behind a cut for the easily-squicked

So, somewhat before Turkey Day, I got a blister the size of a quarter on the outside-back of the lower calf, jsst above the ankle.  About 7 oclock, if the big toe is pointing to 12.  A non-friction area, so no real reason to have a blister.

Well, it popped, leaked, closed back up.  Cool.  Then it popped again.  This time it just kept going.  Open blister, leaking that blister-filling fluid, and a little blood mixed in.  Got bigger. And bigger.  Now it's about 5" long and 1.5 - 2" high.  Still leaking like a non-fingerplugged dike.  Showed it to my PCP at each of the visits for the Phen, he's just  "Keep it dry, NBD."  The most recent visit, he says the same, I'm like "Look, 4 months, it's NOT healing."  So referral to the wound care Clinic.  Debridement, pressure/compression wrap, antibiotic (the culture came back MRSA).  No telling how long the healing will take.  Doesn't hurt as bad, the worst now is the few hours after the wrap is applied.

Anyhow, I'm impatient.  I want this healed up so I can get back to getting healthier and exercising more/again and not blow 1-2 days a week in a clinic.  So any energy you can spare after taking care of your own stuff would be appreciated.

Why didn't I ask for Reiki before it got bad, you wonder?  Well...I forgot the resource was available.  Silly me.
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