Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

And Phen again..

Almost two months now on Phen, same dosage.  Not noticing any real changes as far as weight, although my belly seems a little slacker most days.  Biggest change is that my feet don't seem quite so swollen.  Is "feeling the same amount of objective pain more intensely" part of amphetamines/uppers?   Oh, wait, it's not an upper, it's a psychotimulant with similar effects.

I am feeling hungry less often and it does seem to take less to satisfy me. Energy levels dont' seem to have changed overal, except that some days I have less doe to sleep disturbances the night before (i. e., "not sleeping" -- not falling asleep until very late, waking several times during the night, etc.).

Worth it?  The jury is still out.
Tags: doctor, health, weightloss
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