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From the ACD/Litton files -- Regarding Christmas

Thought I had posted this long ago, but can't find it anywhere.

So I was a bit early to work, as usual since I live about an hour away and like to leave time for traffic delays and such.  Right around Thanksgiving, factory management would let teams start setting up the company Christmas Trees.  Now it was known that I am a Witch.  This has bearing.

I get to the little break room and put my cooler in a cabinet and turn around -- greet the Lead (junior supervisor, basically) who is setting up the tree.
She greets me and we chat for a moment -- not friends, exactly, but co-workers -- and suddenly:

She -- "Oh, I guess you don't like this,. do you?" (Not in a snarky tone, sounds genuinely curious.)
Me -- "Don't like what?"  (Puzzled)
She -- "This."  (Gestures at tree) "It's . . . Christian?"
Me -- "Are you kidding?  There isn't much that's more Pagan than a Christmas Tree!  The trunk can be a Maypole if it's tall enough, then the Yule Log next year, the lights representing the return of the sun . . . ."  Basically went to town on the symbolism of each bit with the happiest expression and delight in my voice and heart.
She stood back and looked back and forth from the tree to me several times, then walked out of the breakroom and I heard her tell a Supervisor in  the hall that "If you want a tree, you can decorate it yourself!  I'm having nothing to do with those pagan superstitions!"
Tags: backfired, factory, litton, religion, yule
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