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Product Reviews -- NYRO

I recently got a starter kit as a NYR Organic consultant.  Of course, I'm trying each of the products,  one at a time, doing patch tests if I think there may be a problem or just a very small area first if I think it should not cause me issues.

Ingredient lists and such may be found at my NYRO website

1)  Wild Rose Beauty Balm -- this is more of a stiff ointment, and labeled as 99% organic.  Yes, it is oily, but it is a balm so this should be expected, and it does absorb quickly.  Lovely Rose fragrance (wonder why!), not overwhelming.  Can be used for exfoliating or moisturizing.  I like it better than I expected to!  A little goes a VERY long way -- and at $70 per jar, it really should.  The price is the only problem I have with this, but NYRO does have frequent sales/specials.

2)  White Tea Facial Mist -- the fragrance again is light, but the sprayer is a bit erratic -- it mists to one side, and kind of "splats" the other!  Does make my face feel good, though.

3)  Petitgrain and Lemon Body Lotion -- good texture, absorbs quickly!  I find the fragrance to be "energizing" so will not be using it directly before bed.  This is not currently on the site, and I'm not sure if it is temporarily unavailable as they are changing from plastic container to glass, or if it has been discontinued.
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