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So that's what that is...

For months, maybe years, my sides and back have been hurting when I "overdo".  And it's been taking less time/effort to get to that point.

I was figuring well, I'm fat, of course joints/muscles are gonna hurt.  Suck it up, hydrate, stretch it out, walk it off.  And at first, that worked.  Some.

Then it got to where it quit helping, What did I do?  Told myself (and believed) I was being lazy, a whiner, wussing out.  Got to where just getting dressed in the morning was often something that would wear me out and need recovery time before I could think about breakfast or getting to work. Even "doing laps" around the central wall of the house would wear me out and leave me almost in tears, from what I thought was being tired.

Apparently, when you ignore low levels of pain long enough, your brain re-wires to process that as being tired or hungry or . . . something not quite recognized as pain?

And . . . it seems I don't process pain quite as most folks do anyhow.  After my surgery last July, I took maybe 3 days of the high-octane stuff they sent home with me.  Most of that was because I didn't want to START hurting.  I was treated for a kidney/bladder infection a couple of months ago, and the only symptom I had was red urine.  No pain.  At least, no pain until the Urgent Care Doc started offering me oxycodone for the pain he thought I was feeling!  I turned it down, of course -- "Dude, I appreciate that you're concerned, but I was't hurting until you offered me the good stuff three times!"

So I was in for the followup visit with my own doctor after the antibiotics, mentioned offhand that I was stiff and exercise was getting more difficult instead of easier as it should, and within minutes I was on an x-ray table across the hall (Smith-Glynn-Callaway can be QUITE efficient).  Followup after THAT, and turns out the reason I was tired and hurting is that it was actually the other way around, I was tired BECAUSE I was hurting. I have arthritis in the hips.  (And likely knees, but I hadn't mentioned that so no reason for him to think to check.)

A month of anti-inflammatory  (Naproxen Sodium, 550 mg, 2x daily) later, and now I am on reg Tylenol, 325 mg. 3x a day.  A nutritionist appointment will be made, and after 3 months, we will discuss meds to help me lose weight (as I would prefer to NOT have surgery if it can be avoided).  This is at my request, my doctor is NOT pushing me to take the weight-loss meds nor is he pushing for the bariatric surgery -- he has simply made it clear that if I lose some weight, I will hurt less (which I already knew).

Any advice on the weight loss, coping with (mild???) chronic pain, or any magical help /prayer / good thoughts (depending on your preference) is welcome.

It seems I own myself an apology for calling me lazy when I was actually hurting and wouldn't admit it.

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