Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

The "style" of jewelry I make has morphed:

See that little teeny heart?  That's a locket!  The charms are on lobsterclaw clasps that can be moved from one chain (or ribbon) to another, to a 'phone charm, to a zipper pull, to...and you can have a dozen one one necklace or bracelet and rearrange them anytime!

this is -- well, a "Pendantulum", I guess!  You can wear it as a pendant and wear it next to your 4th chakra to keep it handy and tuned to you (without worrying that it might get dinged or tangled in your bag) then just unhook it and dowse!

Black glass beads, champagne "crystals," and a black trapezoid called "Champagne at Midnight."  Elegant enough for the fanciest event, or looks great with jeans and a tank.
Tags: jewelry, vending
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