Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Just Replaced the Starter Sale

Bubblewrap, reused bubblenvelopes, shipping $3.00 $2.00 CONUS only please, NO e-checks.  

If you have any amount of Rivet Goth you'd swap for something listed here, please let me know!

Leather Phoenix 2012Lab full backups, unopened -- $
20 $17 each x2

#occupywallstree tested once -- $15</span> $13

Hay Moon 2008to shoulder $15</span>  $13

La Befana2007 full into neck $15</span>  $13

Springtime in Arkham -- bought from another BPALer
$14 $13 each, all 5 for 65 $55 shipped

Arkham Revisited -- top of labe

Azathoth ~4 ml remaining

Dunwich ~ 4 ml remaining

MU ~ 4 ml remaining

Al-Azif -- to corner of neck and shoulder

1/2 decants from Candles Moon 2012 - $2.50 each.   $2.25 each, all 9 for 20.00 incl Shippin

Candles Moon
Mourning Lace
Pink Lace
The Ides of March
In the Forest
Strings in the Earth and Air
The Fairies
Liadain and Curithir

Cobalt Blends  5 ml?  6 ml?  (about 1ml down from shoulder)

Incense is Psychoactive  $7

Seduce La Mente  $7

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