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Watching a show about the possibility of uploading a person's lifetime of experience and then using that to animate an android body...they suggest it may be possible within the next century, especially with the way a few people are doing the "extreme life recording/blogging" thing, where they wear the camera and everything gets documented, right down tot heir heart rate.  Supposed to be virtual (pardon the pun) immortality.

Where to begin with this???  
 What will the effect on local and global economics be? 
What about the social implications? 
Will stage-one humans resent the downloads?
Will downloads resent stage-one humans?
Will the download be able to experience emotions?
Will the download have consciousness (and what is "consciousness" in this context)?
Will the download be able to THINK and REASON, or will it just follow old memory tracks and something new will throw it into a loop?
Will this involve "true" AI?
WHO will get the new bodies?  
Theoretically it will be available for all, but wouldn't that be kind of a disaster?  I mean, just surface area of the planet, even if resources like food aren't an issue for the android.
Who decides who gets to download?
What about some rich person who pre-paid, but then hung on so long they're long gone in Alzheimer's?
Will the new cyber-brain be affected by the memory of Alzheimer's?  (Or whatever other damage.)
The upload is supposed to happen at the moment of death, but what if you're nowhere near an upload point?
Would the download in the android body be recognized as the person for legal matters such as contracts/ownership?

And that's without even getting into religion...!
Tags: ethics, medical science, questions (semi-rhetorical), randomosity
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