Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray


A caller asked me the other day "What kinda foreign name is Zia, for F***'s sake?" Sputtered and changed the subject when I explained it is from the Pueblo tribes. You know, the people who were here first?

By-the-way, when I was in OK and looking for work, I went to the Veteran's desk at the employment office, and a gentleman from one of the local nations was running it. He asked if I was also applying for the "Indian preference" and, when told I didn't qualify, he said that I could certainly pass with no problem! Said I  could pass for either Dine` or Pueblo! Thanked him for the compliment, of course.  AFAIK, I have like 1/16 Blackfoot ancestry.

Tags: call center, names, work, wtf?
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