Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Vending venue musings

Some of the places I vend are craft fairs -- you made it yourself (or know the person who did) if it's on your table.

Some places have a mix -- MLMs, vendors of mass-market stuff, info booths, non-profits, and crafters.

Last two times at a certain event of the second type, I was stuck between two MLM booths.  First time, ok, no real problems.  Second year, same event, one of them basically waylaid people who were coming to see ME -- previous customers, people whom I'd seen others point toward my booth when asked about something they were wearing, etc.  This batch was doing the whole bad-sales-agent stereotype, including FOLLOWING people into MY BOOTH twice.  Whereupon they were told firmly to get out, by me.  The second time they were silly enough to argue and security happened to be near enough to protect them.  

IF I go back -- and it's been a couple of years, I'm going to require assurance that I won't be between MLM booths, and nowhere NEAR the rude one.

And -- is it elitist of me to want there to be a "crafter section" available at that sort of event?  I mean, I take pride in my work even if it isn't MOMA level and sticking me between a wax-melt stand and someone with a tableload of Oriental Trading Company just grates.  It does get more people going by their booths, though, so that may be the point.
Tags: questions (non-rhetorical), rant, vending
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