Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Vending and Limits

Something I need to remember with the vending bit is to not let people push me too far too fast.  With the candles, I was told "Oh you must have at least 4 in each style in each scent at all times!"  OK, let's do the math:  ONE style, 4 of each x 8 colors x 6 scents = 48 x 4 = 196 to make/pack/price/schlep/set up/keep an eye on/take back home what doesn't sell....yeah, notsomuch.  One thing I quit doing was making the figure candles scented unless it's something obvious that demands to be done, like the Dragon candles in Dragons' Blood scent.  And then, JUST the dark red ones.  Or if someone places a special order -- someone ordered green hearts in vanilla fragrance for a wedding, for instance.  No problem.  But I'm not gonna have multiples of every style in every color and every scent.  I'll have packs of votives in the more popular scents, some of the big pillars in various scents....but guessing what scents people will want in the Standing Goddess candles?  Especially if they get them as quarter candles?  Possibilities -- Sandalwood for Earth, Lavender for Air, Cinnamon for Fire, and Rose for Water?  Individually, maybe even nice.  All 4 in a room lit at once?  Somebody's probably going down with a breathing problem.  Or say they want the Blue one in Peppermint instead?  No.  Easier to not have those scented unless pre-ordered and pre-paid.  And most folks who want the special orders don't want to pre-pay.  Also they don't want to pay when you call and tell them their order is ready after you bought stuff especially to make it, which is why the pre-pay came into effect.
Tags: it's funny now, knowing when to quit, projects, rant, vending
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