Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Seems like

the more you pay, the less you get.

Days' Inn / Baymont -- 60 - 70 /night, microwave, minifridge, free wi-fi, free local calls, free bagels and cold cereal and fruit in the morning, free parking in the lot....

Marriott / Hilton -- 180+ / night, no fridge, no nuker, wi-fi $10 - 30/day (business day, not 24-hour period), phone calls $5 each or use your cell, breakfast in the restaurant $10 - 20 per person, self-park garage/lot $20 + per night...

My little GM compact was about $14k new-- fits me fine, no major problems.

Emie's SUV Honda -- $18k used, seat belt is too short and less room between the steering wheel and the seat back than my COMPACT car.
Tags: randomosity, rant
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