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VisionCon 2012

Went OK -- we took the PR Hound again and she was a hit, as usual.  She does have her own FB page -- look for Jazzy King!

Inspiration hit a couple of times, and two things sold even before I had finished making them.  It's a great feeling when someone is standing there counting out cash for something you're still working on!  And we were next to Three Cheep Chicks (from Rolla) and they were fantastic and encouraging to me.  They saw me less as competition and more as cooperation, I think, and I hope they got something from the things we talked about.  I know I did.

Arkansas Anime Fest was represented as well, all steampunked out; Brooklyn and Matt were a lot of fun and I got some ideas (and supplies) from them, and Em got a hat that she says looks better on me.  So I may swipe it sometimes.

And the SquareUp reader and app?  It worked great for me.  I now have two accounts linked to that, the vending and the massage accounts.
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