Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray


And I'm not referring to myself this time except perhaps tangentially.

Anyone else who makes and sells things, here's a question for you: Did you ever have something that turned out just not quite the way you wanted it to and you were going to melt it down or disassemble and remake it when someone else convinced you to slap a price tag on it and sell it with the rest of the wares...and it was the first thing that went, and without haggling? Or something that got...not "damaged" but maybe a little distressed in moving it around, and again, it went RIGHT NOW as you were still unpacking? How did this affect your outlook?

In my case, it was a brief but traumatic moment of "but that's not the way I wanted it to look!  They liked my goof better than my OWN vision, what's wrong with the way I want it!?!?"  Quickly followed by "Oh, wait, that's the whole thing about everyone's different so they like different things, it wasn't a mistake it was what suited them, and OMG I don't have to be PERFECT! "  VERY free-ing.   Now I can make without worrying about whether _I_ like it because I have recognized that it will be right for someone, I just have to be sure it is well-made.  

Tags: questions (non-rhetorical), vending
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