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Record of a Reading

I mentioned a reading I got from someone who basically used the cards as a way for the client to focus -- the "if I didn't answer your questions by the end, let me know" and he hit all three points?

One of the questions was "WHY is it so hard for me to lose weight?"  Not just psychologically, but physically.

And this tied in with something that happened later on:

In the reading, he saw that I had been the wife of a Rabbi in Germany before and during WWII.  We had still been early middle-age when it started, and when we were sent to the camps, one of the higher-ranking guards found me attractive for some reason.  Granted, I wasn't bad looking, but in this circumstance?  I was determined to fight him all the way, for my honor and my husband's.  

I was denied food, even the slop the rest of the prisoners got, until I would give in.  A couple of other guards basically took their lives in their hands for pity and gave me scraps when they could, and once a warm cap.  These men I have met again, in this life, and we recognized each other.

So basically, I stubbornly starved myself to death.

And that seems to be why my body holds on so well to the fat -- my unconscious mind remembers that!  Now, according to the literature on the subject, since I realize this and know it's not likely to happen again, the weight should start just melting off, right?  Right???  HURRY UP!!!!!!
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