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When I was dating,

a friend of mine was trying to talk me into using a matchmaking company in Springfield that she was using.  They had the paperwork, the not-very-scientific personality/psych profile tests, the videos that people would make telling about themselves and what they wanted in a mate / relationship.

Every male in that book in my age range -- and remember, this was 15-20 years ago --  was at least 40 pounds of flab overweight, balding, some obviously hadn't shaved before going in for the taping, they were nearly all either blue-collar with very little formal education beyond what the state mandated OR they claimed to be a pastor or other white-collar prfessional BUT wouldn't show proof.  Nearly every male on the service claimed to be a "born-again Christian"; those with a drinker's nose or tobacco-stained teeth were especially vocal about it.  And every one of these slobs wanted a woman 5'5" to 5'6", 110 pounds or less, who neither smoked nor drank (guess they didn't want competition for the resources?), a good submissive person with no children who would nevertheless be happy to raise his 5 children so he could get them away from his harpy ex-wife, work to support the whole family, and have a couple more kids for him -- several even used the "Proverbs 31 woman" line/descriptor.

Gods, talk about stereotypical rednecks.  

I did let my friend introduce me to one of the guys she met on the service -- he liked racing and I like fast cars, she she figured we'd get along.

I stayed at the table on that meeting for 15 minutes.  14.75 minutes longer than I needed to know it wouldn't work.  

Direct quote from me the next day at work:  "Hon, next time you want to do me a favor?  Don't do me any favors."
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