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I still don't get it.

From the outside -- as an observer, a neighbor, a friend -- why should someone choosing to have GRS be a bigger deal than someone having a facelift or rhinoplasty or "boob job"?  "My body/face don't match what I feel like, so I'm getting that corrected."  I do understand (believe me!) that to a spouse or other life partner GRS is a huge deal, or to a parent or an adult child (though I understand that less), but as the next-door neighbor or a co-worker or someone passing by on the street, why should I feel threatened, get all judgemental, etc.?  As someone whom a particular situation does not affect, how do I even have a right to make my opinion known if I dissent, much less thrash a stranger in a restaurant?  

Granted, my early training was in a particular Christian sect which was fairly judgemental, but even at that I tended to keep my yap shut and be polite to people and just pray for them afterward.  
Tags: questions (semi-rhetorical), trans
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