Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Voice Post

816K 5:10
“Yeah, so I was in Joplin today; finished up my shift at 1, doing massage with that volunteer team I told y'all about, and when I got off it was like Well, y'know, I haven't been by the school where I went to get my massage license yet. I really haven't seen any of the town at all since May 22.

And there was what had to have been a McDonalds, and now it's in shreds. Not even kindling, just shreds. and out front theres a play-place amongst all the splinters and destruction, standing there all bright and colorful, like "Hi! Come play! I'm still here!" will all the shards of wood and brick around it and piled against it.

There are places where one side of the street is fine, and the other side is just gone. One house has an American Flag tied to a leafless sapling out front.

And the school where I spent a very hard-working, fun 5 1/2 months. The door we would go in in the mornings, that's there, and the wall for about 2' to the left -- east -- of it, and about 20' to the right -- westward, and the little ramp leading up to it. There was a mop closet just to the left as you went in. That's not there now. The front is just a pile of rubble. I couldn't get close enough or at a good angle to see much because of some cleanup and utility work going on directly across the street, but it is...pretty much gone. While the owner/teacher and I are not friends by any means, I do respect her and I hope she's OK. She has not signed in on the Red Cross "Safe and Well" list nor has she been on any casualty lists I could find, so I figure she's OK, just busy (as usual). I would like to know that for a fact, however.”

Transcribed by: zianuray

And yes, you can tell from my voice, I cried when I saw it, and I likely will again at least twice.
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