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The best laid plans....

 I had a whole list of things to do yesterday in Springfield.  

0800, Dentist, three fillings (WHAT!  That's way too many...but the x-ray showed it so...phooey.  Thank goodness for dental insurance and an FSP.)
Then a run by Staples, with coupons, Rewards coupons, and a list,
Then a run by CVS with coupons, discount card, and a list.
Maybe Barnes and Noble, just because, and Michael's or Hobby Lobby b/c I have a minor project poking at the back of my skull.
Drop off packages at a post office.
Return CDs at Library.
MAYBE Sam's Club since I'm right by it.
What got done?
Dentist and modified CVS run for Tylenol 3.
One of the cavities, says he, was bigger than it looked on the x-ray.  Got bleeding from around the nerve, so first thing he suggests is a root canal.
Now I have several friends who have had very painful root canal procedures taking two or three visits, $1800, and several hours at a time....I don't know if the process has been streamlined or not, but that is just more time than I want to spend in the chair.  Not to mention many of them have had a cascade of root canals done, sometimes to involve every freaking tooth in their mouth, and THEN the tooth/teeth still wind up getting pulled eventually.
I said "Pull it."  Explained my reasons, and he went along with it.  I do believe this was the way to go, as he did talk me out of having a different tooth pulled some years ago that had consistently given trouble over the years and getting it capped, which is still in place and works well.
So...mouth full of Novocaine or whatever they use now, wiggled the tooth around like a champagne cork and pullllled...not easy by any means and I did NOT like it, but better than it could have been.  So CVS for a modified run including acetominephen and a coldpak, also Gatorade in case I didn't feel like eating.  And yes, codeine is a wonderful sleep aid.

My mouth still feels bruised, which should be no surprise, and the wound is sore but has stopped bleeding, and I can eat as usual, so healing is on my usual schedule.  I've had a total of 4 OTC tylenol and 2 T-3.
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