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Open Letter to the local Red Cross office.

Two weeks ago, I signed up and paid online for a First Aid / CPR class to be given today, May 7, 2011, as I was advised to do last year when I called in to schedule a class.  This is scheduled for three days before my current CPR certification expires on May 10, 2011.  I do not require the full class, only recertification, but recert was not offered on the site.  My professional license is contingent on my maintaining CPR/First Aid certification. 

When I arrived today, there were two instructors, neither of whom was to teach the class I need, and their classes could not substitute for that class.

I require that someone proctor a test for me on Tuesday morning at a time that will allow me to get to my job at Independence and Glenstone in Springfield by 10 am.  I will certainly take the recertification course as well, but as I have already paid and have the receipt (and for the full class, not the recert which is a lesser fee) I object to being charged a second time.

To my further inconvenience, I stayed in a hotel last night so that I would not have to drive an hour this morning and hope there were no delays due to traffic, weather, or roadwork.

The volunteer instructors advised me that this scheduling problem is a KNOWN ISSUE with the Red Cross website.

I will phone the office on West Bypass Monday between 8 and 8:30 to discuss this matter.


On Monday, the director told me to be there Tuesday Morning (not the store) at 0800 and there would be a trainer for me.

I showed up, and there was. 

We went over the changes and reviewed the basics, I did my skillchecks, and we crammed a 6.4 hour class into 63 minutes.

OK, I'm satisfied.  Next time, though, I'm phoning in my registration.
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