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1)  I'm allergic.  Very uncomfortable, have had brief exposures land me in the ER on O2 for a few hours with eyewashes and such, and likely other things that I don't recall.  It's enough that having a smoker in the vehicle with me is a problem, though I can USUALLY manage it for 10 minutes or so before I have to pull over and cough until I can breathe again.

2)  My bio-mother smoked 2 packs a day for over 20 years.  She died of complications of chronic emphysema.

3)  My bio-father and his second wife smoked heavily up until their deaths of cancer which had metastasized from the lungs to include bone and brain.

Tell me again why you "can't" quit?  If it's suicide you're after, a gun or rat poison would be cheaper, faster and less painful.  Same if you're trying to kill me, and if I do croak from your fumes, I swear by all you hold dear that I WILL haunt you.  You will not be able to sleep nor rest, your pets will be in a constant furor, and your kitchen appliances will refuse to work.  Especially the coffeepot.

I've actually had someone tell me that if I'm soooooo hoooorrribly allergic to smoke that I can't sit through lunch at a diner next to someone who is actively smoking and leaving the cigarette in an ashtray between us (and refused to move it to the other side of her plate at a polite request) that I should just never leave the house and go on disability, as it was her RIGHT to smoke anywhere anytime she pleased, including the grocery store and, if applicable, the ER.  Even with my eyes visibly swelling and reddening from the irritation, and the server commented on that as she was boxing my order to go.  (Small place, no non-smoking section, and that generally doesn't help anyhow, unless it's an entiirely separate sealed-off area with a separate ventilation system.)
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