Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Clearing out

Candle/soap scents 

bigger-than-(large-flatrate priority) box full of partial bottles of candle and soap oils.  Most are "type" fragrances -- "Tommy Girl Type", etc.

All have been opened, fill levels vary from nearly full to not-much-left. 

If each bottle were priced separately, I'd ask (and get) over $75, so if you've been looking for something like this, here it is! 

Cash, paypal, or trade.


Misc. soap molds
, unused, $5 for 5, 3 lots. Pick up in Springfield at my workplace or home in Aurora.

--2 plastic pitchers, rolling pin, more. Free. 

Wal-Mart bag of t-shirts, xl range.  Used but clean. 

Tall torchiere lamp, black, works.  $10

Applies to all: 
Either come-and-get-it in Aurora OR I'm in Springfield most days, we can discuss meeting/delivery options.  SO not shipping this.

Tags: sale and/or freebies
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