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LJ Comms, tags, and posts

If you're in a community that allows you to post a wishlist for strangers to offer to fulfill those wishes, and you offer what you can toward others, whether a card or a car, and that comm asks that you put tags on your post denoting the continent and country in which you live / get mail, seems it wouldn't be too hard to click on the pre-written tags and get them on there.  Especially if you've quite the wishlist, including cash, giftcards, and a working laptop.

I suppose it's petty, but I've decided that for the ones that can't be arsed to click those few tags, I'm not even going to bother getting an address for a holiday card.  If they won't post the tags, they likely won't reply to the email, so why waste my time?

And yes, I've scaled way back on my swapping/mailing of things for the last few months; it'll likely reboot in late January.
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