Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

House List

Things I want when/if we move:

2 bathrooms (this is a minimum -- will cheerfully accept 2.5 or more)
laundry area on main floor
all living areas on one floor, ground level or very close to it
pantry /storage area in kitchen -- reachable
big-enough kitchen with counter space and more than one electrical outlet
on-demand water heater
wiring such that we can run the microwave, two computers, and the TV without tripping the breakers.  BTW, they're on three different circuits.  (Em already fixed this problem -- but still!)
basement or at least root cellar -- this is the midwest, after all!
closets -- at least one in each bedroom, a linen closet, and one for coats/etc in the living area

Hopefully at least some solar capability.

IF we get a duplex to have one side for my massage business, the kitchen on that side will be a "lab" pretty dang fast, and may even be a "certified kitchen" so I can sell product more easily.  If so, the local crafters will likely find me quickly!
(Right now, if I sell my soaps, etc. at a farmer's market, they have to be labeled "Not made in a certified kitchen nor by a certified cook" even though they're not edible b/c they're to be used "on the body.")
Tags: house, wishlists
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