Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Drah-muh (not IRL)

I do the dragon-egg thing occasionally, as you may have noticed.

There are sites and LJ-comms to help people get enough "clicks" for the dragons to grow up.

As the "new" has worn off the fad, the clicks/views across all comms that I participate in have gone down, sometimes to the point that posting each day does not result in a grown dragon but in a "dead" egg or hatchling.

One of the sites has a rule, "all eggs/hatchies behind an LJ-cut" which is perfectly reasonable when you have 150 people posting an average of 10 sprites per post every day.  The load time can be horrendous.  When the views fall off and the posts run to 10 per day with an average of 8 sprites, that's not so necessary.

In this comm, the founder and the maintainer (yes, the two "top mods") had been conspicuous by their absence for over a year.  One of the other mods -- not a random member, but an APPOINTED MOD -- changed/suspended the rule to allow sprites to be posted without the cut to increase views and the likelihood of clicks.  This mod had tried to contact the founder and the maintainer with no response.

From what I gather from the public posts and comments, the maintainer wandered by more than a year after the last time she'd looked in, two months after the rule was suspended, and ran screaming to the founder, who had a tantrum.  Within hours, both were excoriating the mod who had BEEN to the site almost daily, the one who was trying to help the other dragon-owners, banned her, and stated that anyone who did not go back and place any exposed sprites in earlier posts under a cut would be banned not only from that comm, but from any other comm the founder was a mod on.

No, I didn't go back and modify my previous posts, and no, I wasn't banned.  I gave them several days to get around to me, then left the comm under my own steam and promptly joined the new comm started in response to the banhammer.

Immediate public attack was not the way to handle the situation, IMO.  A public post saying "We're back, all rules are still in place, please LJ-cut future postings" and a PRIVATE message to the mod who was trying to help would have been the better way to go.

ETA:  I dropped back by to see how many people were still posting their sprites, and there might be one post every other day.  The remaining mod/maintainer has decided to lift the cut rule, but states "if (the owner) wants to change it back, well, it's (owner's) comm."

How long until there is only one mod, anyone want to take bets?
Tags: dragons, drama
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