Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Trying to De-Hoard (and boy, it is hard for me)

I ran across a link today through a series of other links; this one is about Spending Out, which is using the things you've been "saving" for whatever reason. 

Basically, the idea is that if you have a desk drawer full of "good" stationery and keep buying "everyday" stationery, what's the use of having the good?  Use it, enjoy it, realize you (and the people you write to) are worth the good stuff.  (I know, people don't write letters anymore, email and texting have killed the idea of written correspondence, but the idea carries over.  Play along, awright?)

Do you, as I do, keep stuff because "it might come in handy someday"?  What's the worst that could happen if you toss it out?  You might have to buy a piece of leather that would work better for a knife sheath than the side of the shoe you've been moving from basket to shelf to box (and may not be able to find when you're ready to start that bit of leatherwork)?

I have two boxes of scrapbooky bits that I don't use. 

I have shoes that never really fit that I'm clinging to.

I have t-shirts that are ready for someone else -- or the ragbag, in some cases -- that I'm holding to because I had fun at whatever event they designate.

I have resentments and grudges that I'm cherishing against all reason.

I'm doing a little better with some of it.

I'm using the pretty notepads that people get me; my concession to not using the last of the pretty is to take the first sheet and put it in a photo album.

I've been destashing the scrapbooky bits on a website for swappers and getting things I will use -- charms for jewelry making, books that I can swap once I've read them -- in exchange.

I've offered up the shoes that are in the best condition but no-one in the area seems to want them, so they'll be going to a charity store this week.

The t-shirts...I've decided to take pictures (digital) and then get rid of them.  Either to the landfill or to the aforementioned charity shops.

I've actually been able to throw out shoes that are worn to the point of being dangerous in the last few years, and no take them out of the trash can three times b/c "they might come in handy someday!"

The grudges...that's harder.  Any suggestions?  And I don't mean the standard lines in the self-help books.  How do I go about forgiving myself if I can't find the person to apologize to them?

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