Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Things which have been gathering (virtual) dust....

I decided to set up a facebook page for Fifth House...and guess what?  I had already done so.  More than a year ago, obviously, since the last post was more than a year old!

The FB page that reflects to my LMT page is still up and has been updated slightly more recently -- as in, within the last month.  Oh, wait -- that was the actual business page.  Gotta update the FB page too sometime!

And I think I'm just gonna give up on the Dragon Cave eggs.  The last three clutches I took, one egg hatched and nearly a dozen "died" even though I was posting them for clicks.  Sometimes one with MORE clicks would die and another, older egg, with fewer clicks, would hatch, but then the hatchling would expire.  So it has quit making sense to me and I've been staying off that page -- I do still watch the comms and ninja-click, though, when I think about it.

Also need to take some better photos and re-do the ETSY  store.  How do I expect to get any clients at the current state of things!?  Answer:  I don't.  Right now it's kind of a placeholder while I do some tweaking.
Tags: business, dragons, etsy, hand made, randomosity, vending
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