Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Today, tech iz mah friend

Last fall (?) I gave up trying to find ink for my old printer -- much less at a decent price -- and grabbed an HP printer/scanner/copier off the shelf at WallyWorld; a promo item for about $25.  Ink carts print more pages and are cheaper than I had been using, so a win there from the git-go, but last night and today cinched it.

I came home from work early with a case of I-don't-know-what.  Stopped at the walk-in clinic on the way, it ain't strep but it's something.  Home for an hour or less and Emily's phone rings and she takes out with "I'll tell you what's going on when I get back!"  Lawyer needs some paperwork, and since it's medical stuff she has to get it herself or sign papers herself-and-in-person.  Comes back 15 minutes later with a bunch of stuff that needs to get to the legal sec that night.  In Springfield, about an hour away. 

Scanner & email to the rescue!

This morning, she got a pile of papers from the local hospital -- same story, but Jefferson City.

Once again, scanner/email to the rescue!

I'm gonna paint a SuperDude logo on the box, i swear.

Total drive time saved SO FAR -- 10 hours.  Not to mention there may be more tonight.
Yeah, I spent about 40 minutes scanning and attaching, but that was still a huge savings, not to mention that i tend to worry when she's on a drive like that at night and last night she'd've been worried about me, which wouldn't have helped.
Tags: family, life, medical
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