Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Rambling again

1)  Becca and Dean down for a few hours yestereve, that was fun!  Becca is now hooked on Frontierville AND Farmville.

2)  Got a little more packed away of the estate stuff -- mainly packing what we want to get appraised;  the stuff to be auctioned here won't get packed at all.

3)  Finally got (had to order, still haven't figured out the combination) the right color for the Coffee lip balms. Yay! Guess what I'm doing tomorrow evening while Em's on Frontierville? 

4)  Reason that wasn't today?  Laundry, which is a full day of itself, whether I stay downstairs and work on candles or plod the stairs for each load.

5)  If we move, one of my wishes is that the laundry be on the same floor as the main living area.  Of course, the amount of sheer space I've gotten used to here is great, and anywhere smaller is liable to take some getting used to, but hey, keep me flexible and change is good, right?

Tags: life, randomosity
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