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A Public Service Announcement

Originally posted by apocalypticbob at A Public Service Announcement
Life isn't easy if you are kinky or different from the social norm in any way sexually, and that's the truth. Finding doctor who will understand that bruises don't mean the cops need to be called, or a therapist that comprehends that you actually enjoy being tied up isn't as simple as going to the yellow pages.

There is, however, a database maintained by the NCSF that lists Kink Aware Professionals, and that's a start. I share this link for three reasons. One, you might find yourself or someone you care about in need of services of that sort. Two, how amazing would it be to patronize business who are open minded and TELL them that is why we are patronizing them, even if you aren't personally kinky? Three, there is a sad lack of some of these professions listed in some of these states, and I know people on my flist fall into these catagories. Perhaps you are interested in contacting the NCSF here and adding yourself to the database, if you are kink friendly. Below find a listing of what they include:

•Counselors and Therapists
•Health and Wellness Practitioners (non-M.D.)
•Accounting and Finance
•Life Coaches
•Spiritual Advisors/Wedding Officiators
•Web Design/IT

There is also an Other catagory, and I saw a few photographers and mediators listed in there, which I know is relevant to people on my flist.

In short, there is a group of open minded professional people out there, and I encourage you to patronize them and consider adding yourself to that list.

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