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Before I send it to the Freecycle list....

These are all in decent - to - good shape; I just want them out and gone.

Men's fleece-lined  jacket, weatherproof outer shell, Faded Glory, size 38-40; black. the zipper tends to get jammed on the wind-flap, but if you have a fix for that it's be great.  I don't think it's been actually worn, just tried on.

Rolling Duffel -- it is too heavy for me to lift easily when it is full, that's the only problem I know of.  Has wheels and a pull-handle for once it's out of the trunk.

Black sandals, 3" heel, strap across instep as well as ball of foot; Fashion Bug, size 9.

, embroidered/sequined/beaded vamp, 2" heel, no boundaries, size 9; 1 pr black, 1 pr brown.  These would go great with the floaty peasant skirts.

Slides, 2" heel, black; wide vamp with pewter-colored decorative buckle; Aerosoles, size9 1/2

The sandals/clogs are not worn -- they are the fruit of the mindset of "Oh, they'll fit fine!  My feet are just a little swollen today, it's late, yadayadayada" and no, they never did fit. 

Box of random Scrapbooking stuff

If it isn't spoken for by Wednesday evening, it's going to either freecycle or a thrift shop.
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