Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

a last-minute faire jaunt!

Off work early b/c it was sloooooow, got home and piled into the van with Em to go to Crane and then a quickfast grocery run -- about halfway to Crane she mentioned "Let's go to Faire instead!"  How much convincing do you think it took?

Cute little faire, could certainly have used better signs but there was apparently a lack of communication within the park department which resulted in the signs that were put up being taken down and not returned! 

Lots more shade and seating than I'm used to for any faire venue (though admittedly I've only been to 8 or 9 different ones) which was wonderful; I'll suggest they add water to the list of what you can buy at the Faire Booth near the gate.

Lots more pictures with Lady Val!  And got to meet Eleanor and two other hawks and reintroduced myself to the kestrel, Princess Anna.  I think Val remembers me, though we met only a few times. 

THEN Em did the little bit of groceries and I napped in the vehicle as I'd been up since ack-thirty and let her sleep in :D

Desert Wind was there and Elvendrums, sharing a stage as usual :)

Think I'd like to vend there next year, depending on schedules!

Adopt one today!  Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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