Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Today's plans and a question

Em's headed to Sprungburg for some appointments and since I'd get bored (and therefore into trouble) while waiting, I'm staying home and making some projects :D

Those of you who've tried my chocolate soap -- do you think a "gift basket" of choc soap, lip butter, and body butter would sell?

Same for the Pomegranate?

I have a couple of the choc massage bar soaps left, sort-of thinking about making more of the "cocoa toad" ones.

~Life's O.K., I've got a Chocolate Frog!"~ *Emerald Rose

(I hesitate to call it "Chocolate Frog" soap for reasons that should be obvious to anyone familiar with copyright law!)

May have to actually pay for MS Word...the labels I got for my lip butters have templates, but they won't translate to either OpenOffice or to the Avery site by any method I can figure out.  *grump*

SOME of the labels are of a size compatible with Avery, but not all by any means.

Anyone good with such things willing to do a few "label templates" for OpenOffice for me, bartering for the sort of things i make or a massage (or three, as I'm not sure of the rate for such work)?

Also laundry to do and clean out the car, maybe wash her so I can get the new bumper stickers on :D

EDIT:  OK, I think I've figured out how to make the templates; now to work on it until either I get it right or I start throwing things.
Tags: randomosity, soap, to-do
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