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Sleep study

So we (Em and I ) get to the sleep center last night and...the doors are locked, no-one about.   She asks a passing nurse about it who says "I didn't think they ever locked the doors!"  Another says "I don't think they DO studies on Sunday night."

Hmm, good communication skills there.

So we drag a bench seat in the 3-North ICU waiting room to where we can see the SC door and wait.  And wait.  I call the number on the paperwork and leave a message.   Em gets fed up and heads for whatever desk might be open, which winds up being the ER.  I'm still waiting.  A gentleman with a rather large suitcase gets off the elevator; he, too, was told to be here between 7 and 7:30 pm. 

I've called the switchboard 4x by now and they are supposed to be paging the tech, getting security and / or the nursing supervisor-on-duty, SOMEthing. 


A rather older gentleman in a wheelchair is assisted off the elevator by a relative.

There are now three of us waiting.  If it were just me, yeah, maybe I misunderstood, but it's looking like a service problem at this point.

At 7:27 a tech gets off the elevator and advises us that there's no-one there until 7:30 on Sundays, why would they have told us to be there before that?

And my file there says I was actually scheduled for 8:45, while the paper they handed me at the desk at the time of scheduling has 7:30, which IME means be there BY 7:30.  Or you're late and they will charge you and won't see you.

Amazingly, my BP was NOT elevated when they took it.

So -- clean up, get changed to nightgown, bed is 8" too high and I have to climb in like a toddler, get wires glued to scalp, get ear glued to scalp around a wire, get various other patches stuck on various other areas, get three separate wires attached at the nostrils with three separate strips of tape (thermocouple), ekg pads, woo!  Electric Zia!

Also there was a fire alarm which woke me at one point, but I figured if I needed to do anything like evacuate the premises someone would tell me b/c they wouldn't want the resulting lawsuit if they didn't and went right back to sleep while it was still blatting.

Got woke once by a tech checking the new mask and readjusting a couple of things; again, BTS with no problem.  What kept waking me up was that the bed was harder than I'm used to and any time I shifted, the wires would pinch, pull, or dig where they ran along my legs or the mask would shift.

Woke once to take care of business, the tech was quite prompt on that one which was a good thing.

Actually woke up around 8 and got unwired, had a blueberry muffin and apple juice, went home and had a somewhat more substantial breakfast;
took the mother of all showers with three kinds of shampoo, baby oil, alcohol wipes, and two kinds of soap and a scrub brush and still didn't get ALL the adhesive off.  Had a late lunch with Em and took a nap!

They seem to have reset the Bi-Pap to a stronger setting; will discuss in a day or two when I see how it sleeps.

OH!  -- I sold a lip butter on Etsy!  Yay!

Also, between work and hospital Em and I did a little shopping; Catherine's had a decent sale on and Vanessa, our Personal Shopper (actually, a clerk there who has gotten a feel for what I like and what I won't wear, but she SHOULD be),
did us good.  I didn't actually have to do much as neither of them thinks much of my fashion sense.  Justifiably.  My idea of clothes is "Does it keep off the weather and keep me from getting arrested for indecent exposure?  Is it comfortable?  Good enough."  Fashion bewilders me and styles just don't register.  Pink looks good on me but I hate it.  I love blue and teal and have lots of both, but Em wants me to have different colors so I make her pick stuff out! 

  Adopt one today!  Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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