Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Remember I mentioned "Testers"?

If you still want in on the Lip Balm and, possibly, cuticle cream or herbal ointment testing process, leave a note here. Comments are screened as I would need to mail to many people who have offered and for that, I'd need -- wait for it -- mailing addresses!

Along with the name and mailing address, leave an email address please and a list of any allergies/sensitivities you have like mineral oil, cocoa butter, etc.  Likely won't be suitable for Vegans as I do use beeswax in most things of this nature.

There will also be a survey/poll posted a few days after the samples are sent out with questions about texture, flavor, etc. and if you ask for samples you'd be expected to fill that out when you've had a chance to try things.  I figure most of you knew that already!
Tags: opinions wanted, poll, projects
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