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Zia Nuray

(Possibly) (Re-)Opening a can of worms

Some time ago, there was mention of an "Open-Source Boob Project" which set off quite a bit of controversy.  I'm not providing links because if you know about it, you know where to find what I'm talking about and if you don't, well, you need to find and read ALL the info before jumping down any throats.

Basically, there was a private conversation in a hallway of a hotel during a con, where one (female) person and then another and then even more VOLUNTEERED permission for a friend to touch her breasts -- just touch, respectfully and politely.  This sort of snowballed and soon various women were sporting either red or green buttons saying NO on the red or YES on the green.  The green was not, as I understand it, blanket permission to grope and drool, but a notice that it was permissible to ASK POLITELY if one could touch the breasts of the person wearing the green button.  Not to shove hands down the shirt or pinch nipples, just to touch or caress the portions exposed by whatever the permission-giver was wearing at the time.

Again, from what I understand, it was less a "sexual thrill" (although I'm sure it was that as well!) and more an almost religious experience.  Maybe not "almost".  Certainly reverential.

Many people who had not been there got bent and made noises about exploitation and attention-whoring and such.

Many others, some of whom were there, said it was a perfectly healthy phenomenon and gave their reasoning.

My take on it, after a good long while analyzing things, is this:

I think the Open-Source Boob Project is a good thing, healthy and respectful.  It reminds us -- EVERYONE -- that each individual, female or male, has the right to grant access to her or his body as well as deny access.  It seems that society is currently operating under a "failure to deny is to grant access" model -- "Well, she didn't say no!" -- and that is not healthy. 

It's not yet OK to show bare breasts on network TV most times, but it's OK to show a needle or a knife penetrating flesh or gray matter spattering a wall and the path of a bullet leaving that now-uninhabited skull.

I think something is wrong with THAT.

I <3 Boobs.  So there.


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