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Vacation day today, doing some self-maintenance before going to work and then to OKRF tomorrow -- generally on my days off, I go ahead and get up pretty close to my usual time so as to keep my schedule and not mess things up for myself...today I left the alarm off and slept in.  Especially since I was up for a couple of hours during the night!

The infuse-ing oils are outside int he sun, the everclear tinctures are inside -- the St John's wort is veryveryGREEN rather than red, I'm supposing that is b/c I sed the dried herb rather than the fresh-picked flowers/seeds/tender leaves.  Wonder if it'll still work. 

Also have a pound(!) of dried Motherwort on order, will be making a tincture with part of that.  Anyone want to split the remaining portion?  what'll you swap me for it?

May also be offloading some dried hops and mugwort in a few days...wound up with WAY more than I can use in a reasonable time.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! 
Tags: herbs, projects, randomosity
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