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THAT was interesting

Called Dr's Office and sleep clinics (yes, plural) about the sleep study that was going to be arranged for me pursuant to the ER visit of last month...Aurora clinic says they never got the paperwork, and anyway the next time they'll have someone in is June 21.

Yeah, after waiting over a month I want to wait another month.

Called Spfld clinic, have intro visit 0930 tomorrow and clinic will be sched to fit with my work sched so I have a day to recover.

Called Dr's Office to get paperwork/referral/whatever sent.

Also did prereg phone call.

N.B. ;  Remember to take bi-pap with me tomorrow.

ETA:  Dr in Aurora, MO,  that Em is so delighted with didn't have paperwork sent for my sleep study, which is why neither clinic has called me.  Just spent 20 minutes on phone with her nurse, Debbie, telling me "Well, mistakes happen and she's human and we're all human and you could show a little compassion and understanding."  And I'm like, "Yeah, she said it was important that I have this done, and that my bi-pap needing a tune-up could have been the cause of this ER visit that the doc there was telling Em and me looked like a stroke(!), so when I didn't get the call I'd been told to expect in a MONTH I started making the appointments.  Send what paperwork you need to up there to get things going."  Preparing to call the Clinic Administrator as soon as I cool down enough to TALK.

26 May 2010, 19:55 hours

Heard back from the clinic manager; the doctor heard the conversation and verified Debbie's side, that there was no call for me to be concerned and Debbie was entirely polite about the whole thing.  No action will be taken, and I will be getting a letter to that effect.

Next step:  Clinic Admin at St John's main office in Springfield.

Tags: bi-pap, customer disservice, doctor, sleep
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