Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Voice Post

216K 1:07
“Ok this is just creepy this morning. I come out of the house. There's all kinds of fog. That's ok. 11 minutes later I see the first oncoming car, we're on the other side of Marionville. There's been the same vehicle, I think, in my rear view since I left the stop light at just outside Aurora but then I was through Billings before I saw the second oncoming car. Even for a Sunday morning, this traffic is really slow and with the fog and the intermittent rain I keep expecting (~spooky music~) and there's Freddy or something. This is one of those movie scenes were something is About To Happen. Capital letters on "about", "to" and "happened". If I make it through the day I'll post again and let you know. Wish me luck.”

Transcribed by: zianuray
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