Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray


A client called and scheduled a Reflexology treatment, so I set up the recliner and got out the cornstarch and made sure my nails were filed properly (that last part is a daily check anyway, but moreso for Reflexology).

She walked in, looked at the recliner, and said "but how are you going to do my back?"

"Ma'am, Reflexology -- which you requested -- is just your feet or hands; what is it you have in mind?"

Turned out she actually wanted Swedish/relaxation massage, but didn't want to get undressed.  So she got the geriatric variety -- lots of ruffle-n-fluff through the garments.  Happy client, and much less effort for me than Reflexology or standard Swedish!  So once we figured out what we were both talking about, it was easy.  :)
Tags: massage, reflexology, words
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