Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Weather-related behaviors

Just curious -- how many people here have storm-related behaviors that might seem odd or even excessive to others?

My biological mother, for instance, would not touch any sort of plumbing fixture during a thunderstorm (yes, including that) as she had seen people come through the ER after being hit by lightning carried in the water and metal pipes -- turn on a faucet at the wrong moment and ZZZT!

She would, however, turn off/on electrical switches during storms and would drive a car (though, of course, an ER never gets an auto accident, right?).

My Grampa would head for the basement and drag the rest of the household down for tornado WATCHES, not just warnings with the sirens.

I like having the option of a storm shelter available, but generally won't use it until I can hear the "train" sound.  Therefore, I haven't yet used it.  I do NOT, however, head for the fenceline to watch for the funnel cloud!
Tags: questions (rhetorical)
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