Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Semi-work-related, but not so much

One of those bonding things at work recently was "the first 5 songs from this person's playlist" with a lot of higher-ups in the company of whom I'd never before heard.  (Did I say that anywhere near right?  No?  Deal.)  I'm in the car heading home, my iPod is on shuffle, and the 4th song was "Supersadomasochisticnecrobeastiality." Yep.  Pretty sure they don't wanna play that game with me -- and before anyone *coughJeffcough* else says it, I mean EITHER game. (Yay for  the Bedlam Bards!)

(x-posted from FB, where I starred out a lot of the song title due to not being sure who-all can see it.  If you're looking *here,* you've declared you're of age.)
Tags: call center, humor, music, work
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