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When I was a kid, I loved to get the "fancy stationery sets" and "pretty notepaper" (read:  the overpriced chintzy stuff with a picture in the corner) at the discount store or the five-and-dime...and I'd never use them because if I ran out, I'd never have another as pretty and oh my, what would I ever do?  (Thank you, depression-era mindset of my primary caregivers.)  So I had this stash of cheap stationery collecting dust, and eventually it wound up getting thrown out.

Recently Emily picked up a gift for me of several of those fancy notepads with the magnetic cover that closes, and Blue got me one last year as a surprise.  Exactly the sort of thing that I would not have used even a couple of years ago.

I'm using the heck out of them because they're pretty and durnit, they're meant to be used and seen and enjoyed and not stuffed in a box in a closet!  I've taken the first sheet from each and saved in the same place I put the BPAL postcards, but the rest of the paper is getting used.  I think I may be growing up a bit and getting able to let go a bit more.
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