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Today's random

Went to Em's chiro with her; I do think that what the Doc is doing has value in a long-term plan, but right now the problem is that Em is in PAIN.  The current treatment -- working on realigning the spinal column with a spring-loaded tapper -- is having no effect on that after 4 treatments. 

Then, since we were both off work today (she for appointments, I because it's my weekend), I'd made us appointments for massage.  We both feel better!

Also had a late lunch at Olive Garden and dropped over $125 on essential oils.  Since we did discuss how best to get me into a room (hanging my shingle, as it were), I wonder if we can take the cost of lunch as a business expense?  The oils certainly are!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

For some reason I was on the verge of actual physical sleep-dep exhaustion as I drove to work Saturday -- I was so far gone I was hallucinating.  I KNOW porcupines don't generally get to be 4 feet tall at the shoulder in this place and time...but there it was and I swerved to miss it....  And made it to work in one piece, and nearly fell asleep in the middle of a conversation with an owner.  Finally with 2 hours left, I got VTO'd (that means I got to leave early; I don't get paid for that two hours, but leaving isn't counted against me either), made my groggy way to the vehicle, and phoned Emily for rescue.  Scared the poor woman half to death, I think.  She called our daughters and they met us at the house so Em could drive my car (and me) home, then they took her back to her truck in Springfield.  Some of this is inference, some I remembered after Em going over it with me.  I sort-of remember tultema picking up some blankets they had left here way back when, I think...and I don't see those blankets, so I'm going to figure that actually happened until someone tells me otherwise. 

Then yesterday we did a little cleaning/sorting/packing...I have several perfectly-good t-shirts from my SFI days that I no longer wear and they're too good to toss, but I don't really want anyone having them who won't get the references.  Isn't that silly?  They're just shirts!  I need to either toss 'em, put them in the ragbin, or give 'em away if I'm not gonna wear them.

And scrubs in good shape -- they're 5X, so I'm sure there's a market for them on evilBay, but I doubt I'd get enough to make it worth the listing fees.  *shrug*  Might as well hang onto those.

And a Sofi's Stitches man's shirt, white with the ties at wrists and neck...there's a yellow stain that bleach and Oxy won't touch. 

And shoes that I've either never worn -- or worn once -- and really shouldn't have bought in the first place as I knew they were too snug at the instep.  Anyone want some cute size 9 clogs -- one pair black, one brown -- with 2" heels and embroidery and sparkle?
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