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A few years ago I went to register to (possibly) donate bone marrow.  Now I have it in my medical records and on cards and DL that my body is to be used for spare parts when I'm done with it, and I donate blood, so this was basically a logical extension of that idea, at least to me.  They refused to test me or take a swab at the center.  Why?  I'm fat.  This was not listed as a contraindication anywhere on the paperwork to read-and-fill-out going in, so I wasted three hours waiting around to be checked when it COULD have been as simple as "Ma'am, you're wasting your time.  We wouldn't take you if you matched POTUS, the Pope or the Queen of England" as soon as I walked in.   There are totally elective cosmetic procedures -- yes, requiring full anesthesia -- that I can get done,  yet I'm not allowed to donate marrow because "it would be too dangerous" for me??????  

This makes NO sense to me, and if you can explain it so that it DOES, great.  Though I'm thinking that's going to be harder than you might  suppose.

(Triggered today by a featured blog about marrow donation.)
Tags: ethics, health, randomosity, rant, volunteering
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