Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

In Search of Bliss, continued (part...4? 5? by now)

Posted review on Yelp, filed complaint w/ BBB, BBB contacted owner.  Oh, they had to send a notice twice, yeah.


01/11/2010 NMBR-Resend Complaint to Business  
01/11/2010 NMBR- No response to first notice to business  
12/28/2009 Inform Business of the Complaint  
12/28/2009 Send acknowledgement to Consumer  
12/28/2009 Complaint Processed by BBB Operator  
12/24/2009 Complaint Received by BBB  

Someone named Chuck left a message on my VM that he was the owner, didn't blame me a bit, what can he do to make it right, etc. 

I've held off calling back because 1)  time difference, baby and 2) my spouse is in hospital and I'm a bit frazzled myself at this point.  Will try to call today and find out what he proposes to do about it.


ETA:  Left msg, "Chuck" called me back; kept going on-and-frakking-ON about how he is the production part of the op, he TOLD his partner to let him help with shipping stuff, it's just SO not like EIther of them for things like this to HAPpen....*gah*
Finally (when I got a word in) told him to replace one item (King Coal) with something else as it didn't work for me, he tells me I'm not using it right (!!); send Nag Champa soap, replace the rest of the order with equivalent value.  If/when it gets here, I'll let the BBB know the issue is resolved.

Tags: e-tailer soaps, problem
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